Makeup trends to try in 2024

by admin

As we step into a new year, it’s always exciting to see what makeup trends will be dominating the beauty world. In 2024, we can expect to see a variety of innovative and bold looks that will allow us to express our individuality and creativity. From glittery eyes to bold lips, here are some makeup trends to try in 2024.

One of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2024 is neon eyes. Bright and bold eyeshadows in shades of neon green, pink, and orange will be all the rage. This trend allows you to make a statement with your eye makeup and add a pop of color to your look. To achieve this trend, simply swipe a vibrant eyeshadow across your lids and blend it out for a seamless finish.

Another trend that will be popular in 2024 is graphic eyeliner. From graphic wings to geometric shapes, playing with eyeliner will allow you to create unique and eye-catching looks. Whether you opt for a classic black liner or experiment with colorful shades, graphic eyeliner is a fun way to elevate your makeup game.

Glittery eyes will also be a major trend in 2024. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or a full-on glitter explosion, adding some sparkle to your eye makeup will instantly make your look more festive and glamorous. You can achieve this trend by applying a glitter eyeshadow or mixing loose glitter with a mixing medium for a more intense effect.

In terms of lips, bold colors will be in style in 2024. Whether you prefer a classic red lip or a daring blue lipstick, bold lips are a great way to make a statement and add some drama to your look. To pull off this trend, keep the rest of your makeup minimal and let your lips do the talking.

Lastly, dewy skin will continue to be a popular trend in 2024. Fresh, glowing skin will never go out of style, and achieving a dewy complexion will give you a youthful and radiant appearance. To achieve this trend, use a luminous foundation and highlighter to add a natural sheen to your skin.

Overall, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for makeup enthusiasts, with a wide range of trends to try. Whether you prefer bold and colorful looks or more subtle and natural makeup, there will be something for everyone. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your makeup in 2024!

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