The Role of Women in Shaping the Future of Technology

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In recent years, the role of women in shaping the future of technology has been gaining traction with tremendous attention and recognition. Women have proven themselves to excel, equally capable of making significant contributions in the tech industry especially in the banking sector where they provide dedicated and committed services.  

With this in mind, Iwomen Asia has created “Bank Butler” – a unique concierge service designed to assist and enhance client’s experiences with utmost privacy coupled with efficiency in the application submission process. 

Our strong relationship built through the many years of  constant and transparent interaction with bankers has given us an edge over most of our competitors, where we are able to get the processing of the applications at a fast speed than many in the industry.

Bank Butler – concierge services can now provide a smooth flow of communication with clients who are based overseas but with a local Singapore company presence and yet keen to open a corporate banking account for their operations in this region. This bank opening process can be done remotely.

With a corporate banking account, you will enjoy huge opportunities to expand your reach in the Asia Pacific market, which is currently the most thriving and profitable area during this rather challenging economic times.  The  availability of remote bank opening with  some locals banks where we have good healthy relationship with bankers who are efficient, saves you not only in terms of time but also  costs of  travel where you could concentrate more in strategic thinking mapping a route for your business operations.

Our Professional Women serve as dedicated concierge assistants to all our overseas international clients taking into consideration, gender sensitivity, socioeconomic background and cultural differences.  We have a fully trained team who are responsive, respectful, responsible and effective in their communication with clients.  We uphold strict “privacy policies” on all documentation forwarded to us in the bank application process and do not share confidential data with any third parties.

We are excited to welcome you to our world of banking and will attend to all queries that you have and hope to build a trusting relationship with you, as our potential client.  We are here to serve you. 

Email  “Bank Butler” for your banking needs :

For more information on  bank butler; contact us anytime for your banking needs. 

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