A guide to applying false lashes like a pro

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False lashes are an essential part of any makeup look. They add volume, length and definition to the lashes, making the eyes appear bigger and more awake. However, the application of false lashes can be daunting, especially for beginners. But with a few tips and tricks, anyone can apply false lashes like a pro!

Step 1: Choosing the Right Lashes

There are a plethora of false lashes available in the market, ranging from natural to dramatic styles. It’s essential to choose lashes that match the occasion and personal preference. For a natural look, opt for lashes that resemble the natural lashes with slight thickness and length. For a dramatic look, choose super-voluminous, fluffy lashes.

Step 2: Measuring & Cutting the Lashes

One of the most crucial steps is measuring the lashes to fit perfectly as per your eye shape. Begin by holding the lashes against your eyelid and trimming off any excess from the outer corner. This ensures that the lashes don’t overlap with the inner corner of the eyes, causing discomfort.

Step 3: Applying the Glue

There are various types of lash glues available in the market, and it’s crucial to choose the one that suits the skin type. Apply a small amount of glue along the lash band and wait for 30-40 seconds until it becomes tacky. This ensures that the lashes don’t slide around the eye when applied.

Step 4: Placement of Lashes

Using tweezers, place the lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible, starting from the outer corner. Adjust the lash placement using the tweezers to ensure that it’s perfectly centered and sits well against the natural lashes. Press the lashes gently, remembering to hold them in place for a few seconds to ensure they bond correctly.

Step 5: Touch-Up & Mascara

After the application is completed, check the lash alignment from every aspect. If required, adjust the lashes again to ensure there are no gaps between the natural and false lashes. Once the lashes are in place, curl them using a heated lash curler to blend them with your natural lashes. Finally, apply a coat of mascara to blend and set the lashes in place.

Tips and Tricks

– Practice makes perfect. Try applying false lashes a few times before a special occasion so that you feel comfortable and confident on the big day.
– Applying mascara before applying false lashes helps blend the natural and false lashes, providing a more natural look.
– For a more dramatic look, apply eyeliner along with the false lashes to make the eyelashes look fuller.
– Always remove the false lashes before going to bed, using an oil-free makeup remover.
– Invest in high-quality lashes that can be reused multiple times. Clean the lashes after every use, so they last longer.

In conclusion, false lashes can be a game-changer in completing a makeup look. By following these steps and tips, anyone can apply false lashes like a pro and achieve beautiful, fluttery lashes. With the right confidence and amount of practice, applying false lashes will become an easy and gratifying makeup routine.

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